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No Rest Until







Who We Are

No Rest Until Success is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to raise and promote awareness of today’s educational issues


What We Do

First, the No Rest Until Success Foundation promotes educational awareness through workshops that address a multitude of educational issues. These workshops include a variety of educational services available at no cost.


Second, the No Rest Until Success Foundation aims to promote educational awareness through various charitable events that focus on the educational needs of the NYC community.


Finally, we provide a one-time scholarship award to NYC inner-city students that may be used towards meeting their financial needs while attending an institution of higher education.


What We Strive for

The No Rest Until Success Foundation strives to promote educational awareness to NYC residents to keep everyone up to date on educational issues, and also to help correct and aid students with respect to their educational needs.


how We intend to meet

our funding goals 

The No Rest Until Success foundation intends on meeting their funding goals through a combination of grants, donations, and a mix of other private and public funding.

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Why does the foundation exist?

The No Rest Until Success foundation exists because of the need for awareness in NYC regarding educational needs. Many people are unaware or misinformed of these needs, or lack representation.


The No Rest Until Success Foundation wants to fill in the gaps, promote awareness, and aid where possible for educational purposes.

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