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  In Honor of our Beloved Dorine Robles

The NRUSF: Dorine Robles Scholarship Award was created in memory of Dorine Robles. Dorine was born on January 2, 1948 in French, St. Martin NA. Having had migrated to America at an early age, Dorine always was self-motivated and knew the importance of a solid education. She was a devout Catholic who attended church weekly at St. Claire’s Church in Rosedale, Queens. She worked at Barst & Mukamall Law Firm as an office manager for over three decades and was a dedicated member of the Franciscan House of Prayer, which was an organization that raised money for orphanages in Trinidad & Tobago.

Everyone who knew Dorine knew her generosity, friendship, and dedication to helping her community. She was very community-oriented and would help anyone that she could possible.

Sadly, our beloved Dorine passed away on July 15, 2013 due to lung cancer. Even up until her death, she had continued to work tirelessly to help the community actively. 

In establishing this scholarship, the NRUSF wishes to recognize the dedication to continued education and helping others that need support to pursue higher education.


       "There is absolutely NO REST until you meet your maximum potential of success"


The No Rest Until Success: Dorine Robles Scholarship Award is a one-time scholarship award, geared towards providing financial support to today's youth who are in need of assistance to pursue a higher education.


In this 21st-century society, pursuing higher education is imperative in meeting the demands of the growing, fast-paced job market. In order to secure solid careers, people will have to secure a solid post-secondary education. There are so many of today's youth who want to achieve a higher education, but are limited by a lack of financial resources. No one should be limited in pursuing his or her dreams due to the lack of resources or finances.



The No Rest Until Success Foundation: The Dorine Robles Scholarship Award will ensure:


All scholarship winners Post-secondary Educational institutions will receive allocated funds directly;


All scholarship winners will be chosen based on social and economic needs, ensuring that funds are allocated to

individuals with financial needs;


All scholarships will be geared towards male and female high school students  from the NYC tri-state area.


We must encourage our future doctors, lawyers, nurses, presidents, and leaders of tomorrow. We want to lay the building

blocks of success that they will need in order to achieve their dreams. To all of the individuals who seek to lay these building blocks of success for our leaders of tomorrow by providing financial support: because of your generosity, a well deserving individual will be able to meet their maximum potential.


 For a full list of the eligibility and application requirements, please refer to the application.

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